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Our story

It was about 15 years ago my mother brought me a gift from her regular travels to Peru. It was a soft, lightweight, warm blanket that felt luxurious near my skin. She mentioned what it was made out of but I did not pay much attention because all that mattered at the time was that it WAS NOT ITCHY. I knew it couldn`t be wool because anything made of wool was extremely itchy, to me. It was warmer, softer, lighter and more luxurious than wool. It reminded me of cashmere. I loved the way it felt against my bare skin.

Needless to say it was and still is my favorite blanket. Well after years of not paying attention to anything, I got married and have two beautiful children. Now I pay attention to EVERYTHING. Having children made me very aware of what I was buying, where it came from and what it was made of. I wanted the best for my children, as every mother does. I became interested in natural products. I found that with little effort I could find alternatives to many items that were not environmentally friendly. So years later, I find myself asking my mother where I could get some more of those non-wool blankets? She tells me that they are made from Alpaca. I asked "Al Who? and so the research began. I figured I couldn`t be the only one that loves this product.

It turned out there's an entire community of wonderul alpaca breeders right here in the USA. Alapcas are natural in "ever way". Our family purchased our first 8 alpacas in 2010. We have grown into a beautiful herd of approximately 30 Huacaya alpacas.  We have fallen hard for these mystical creatures that produced this wonderul luxurious fleece. We love the fact that no harm comes to the alpaca to reap the rewards of their fleece. We have invested in these animals and their wonderful gift to us because we believe they ARE the future of natural fiber industry. We currently sell yarn, rugs, hats, gloves and many other items made from our animals.

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